Friday, January 30, 2009

What happened to January?

Answer- I don't really care- I'm just glad I don't have to relive it!! Things I have learned so far for this new year:

I was right about Obama- he is a left-wing radical

I was right about Reagan- he is gone but we should never forget him or his wisdom

The prophet was right when he said things will be okay- they will- it'll just take alot of faith

Don't pay attention to anything that an old person says to you (at least an old person who's brain is fried!) They forget about it in 5 minutes

Learn to laugh- Amanda and I have been watching Cary Grant movies- Jack Lemmon movies- etc., etc. I love them and they are so refreshing!! It feels so good to LAUGH! Especially accompanied by SEE'S. mmmmmm
Mothers- appreciate your children- what a wonderful blessing to be surrounded by people who know you and they still love you!!!